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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is very famous for its two rock cut temples that had been built by Ramses II. Abu Simbel has a flourishing tourism each day to it’s archeological wonders. If traveling back in time gives a goose flesh, Abu Simbel in Egypt is a perfect destination. Known for rare architectural wonders of the ancient Egypt, Abu Simbel’s tourism definitely commands a special place in Egypt’s tourism industry.

The temples of  Abu Simbel

The Rock Temples: See the illustrious temples like Temple of Hathor, Temple of Re-Harakhte dedicated to the Egyptian sun gods Re-Horakhte and Amen-Re. the huge seated statues of King RamsesII and the two sun gods and Ptah, the Theban lord of darkness. Not only is the temple a wonder in itself due its great architectural phenomenon known through out the world, but the colossal structures of the ancient era are also striking to the eyes.

Abu Simbel is located near the Egyptian border with Sudan. The closest prime town to Abu Simbel is Aswan. It is perhaps the most acknowledged place of ancient Egypt and you can get to Abu Simbel by plane, buses and boats.

To reach Abu Simbel by air, you can board a flight from either Cairo or Aswan. It is better to reserve tickets in advance as far as possible. For that, you can contact with any Egypt Air office.

You can also reach Abu Simbel by coach or minibus from Aswan or by traveling in police convoys. For most of the year, the bus convoys leave Aswan around 3:30am. Actually they try to avoid the desert heat. All buses travel together in a military convoy. It takes around 3 hours. It is advisable to travel on air conditioned buses, in Abu Simbel, because, the journey back to Aswan is very hot.  You can get to Abu Simbel by cruise ship from Aswan through Lake Nasser.

Things you can enjoy

One of the most luring part of Abu Simbel’s tourism is the great cruising opportunity in Lake Nasser. Enjoy the placidity of the water at the largest artificial lake in the world and cherish the magnificent view from the cruise ships. At Lake Nasser, you can have a lovely cruising experience as an extension to your cruise rides through the Nile. Take a pick from a 3 night/ 4 night stay at the cruise ships at the luxurious Lake Nasser cruises, complete with every modern amenities that you might require on board and sail happily.

Lake Nasser: Perhaps the most striking thing about Lake Nasser is the fact that it is the largest man-made lake created during the 1960’s as a result of construction of the Aswan dam on the river Nile. But beside this special feature that that sets it apart, lake Nasser is also known to the tourists for its magnificent beauty.

The sun festival at the Abu Simbel temple is a rare event in the world. Come here on 22nd of February or 22nd of October and watch the sun rays illuminating the mighty statues of the temple slowly and steadily.

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